Mobile Women's Health & Hormone Therapy

Millions of individuals are impacted by the side-effects of hormone imbalance every day. With age comes many changes; hormones in both women and men play such a dramatic role in how we feel, act and look and they may begin to decrease in their natural levels requiring medical intervention. Hormones are special molecules made by the body.  These molecules act as messengers to signal to other areas of the body how and when they should work. Hormones control many areas in the body from brain function and growth to the breakdown of food. When hormones are out of balance, an array of symptoms can occur. A hormonal imbalance can cause weight gain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression and anxiety. Some patients notice  mood changes, a fickle temperament and an inability to focus. Patients struggling with a hormonal imbalance also notice decreased muscular strength, joint pain, a reduction of sexual desire and an inability to lose weight despite a healthy diet and exercise.

Mobile Hormone Therapy Long Island

Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are created in a lab to be very similar to the hormones naturally produced by your body. The hormones most commonly replaced are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. These hormone replacements are used in treatment for men and women whose own hormones are low or out of balance. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a number of preparations of bioidentical estradiol and progesterone, which are molecularly identical to the structure of the hormones generated by the human body. They have been through testing for safety and purity and to be sure each dose has the same amount of hormones.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

BioTE™ Pellets are all-natural hormone pellets that are placed just below the surface of a patient’s skin for the body to absorb. They are structurally bio-identical to the estrogen progesterone and testosterone that is naturally found within the body and are metabolized as the need arises by the body. Although every patients need will be different, it is common that most women using bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, to help with hormonal imbalances, will need them placed every 3-6 months and men will usually be every 4-5 months. For women, having an increase in estrogen will help to protect against stroke, heart attack, and osteoporosis. These pellets have been shown to be more effective than hormonal shots, pills, and creams because they are a synthetic hormone like the hormones that naturally exist within the body and instead of being metabolized through the stomach, liver or skin, they are picked up by directly in the bloodstream and distributed appropriately within the body.

BioTE™ Pellets

As a Certified BioTE Provider, our Heart & Health Medical team is proud to offer our patients BioTE Medical’s method for hormone therapy at our offices. With more than one million insertions performed, BioTE Medical’s method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is used to help men and women experiencing hormone imbalance. With Heart & Health Medical as your trusted Certified BioTE Provider located on Long Island, BioTE can begin your journey to wellness by helping ease your hormone imbalance symptoms.