Onsite Employee Health Care

Heart and Health Medical elevates the standard of workplace healthcare with its state-of-the-art Mobile Unit, an advanced onsite medical clinic tailored for employee health care and screening. This innovative approach is engineered to diagnose, treat, and identify risk factors for chronic diseases right at the workplace.

Equipped with the latest medical testing technology and staffed by the seasoned experts of Heart and Health Medical, our Mobile Unit offers top-tier healthcare services without the high costs typically associated with traditional onsite workplace health facilities.

By bringing high-quality healthcare directly to your employees, we not only enhance their convenience and accessibility to essential medical services but also contribute to a healthier, more productive workforce. Our Mobile Unit is the ideal solution for businesses looking to invest in the health and well-being of their employees in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Why Heart and Health Medical?

No Additional Costs

No Employer Liability

No Additional Staffing

No Additional Space Needed

State of Art Technology

Doctor Providing Preventative Health Care

Onsite Health Care Benefits

Increase Employee Productivity

Reduced Employee Absenteeism

Improve Employee Satisfaction Benefits

Increase Employee Access to High Quality Healthcare

Increased Detection and Prevention of Chronic Conditions

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Onsite Medical Services Available

Drug Screening

Annual Physical Exam

TB Screening

Vaccines & Immunization

Allergy & Immunology

Lab Testing

Chronic Condition Management

Mobile Medical at Heart and Health

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